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(2705) Rojas - BA - Argentina



consistent high quality since 1853

CABODI MILLS BROTHERS. SA provides high quality raw material constantly for the products you made. 

We can meet this requirement because:

- Select and purchase our raw material wheat in the best areas of the country. 

- Analyze, and retain wheat in own plants, whose capacity ensures we have in our possession all the cereal we transform during the course of the year. 

- The laboratories, storage and preservation facilities are equipped with the latest technology in the field. 

- Mixtures of different wheat (to achieve its flour Constant quality) are made ​​in a modern computerized plant, with great ability and potential formulas. 

- The grinding plant, equipped with the latest technology milling, processed and transformed into "FRONTLINE FLOUR"  our selected raw material. 

- The product quality is controlled permanently by a pneumatic punch to extract samples for analysis in a specialized laboratory. 

- Bagging plant and bulk machines are equipped with large capacity, which ensure quick deliveries. 

Cabodi Mills Brothers SA, which supplies the market since 1853, ensures personal service and technical support around the MERCOSUR.

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