115 Hipolito Yrigoyen St.

(2705) Rojas - BA - Argentina


Cabodi Mills has a secret:

It has been a century and a half ago that the same family runs the mill with dedication, with love and pride to do the best, inherited from their elders, because they are responsible for the consistent high quality of Cabodi´s flour. And because his responsibility is great, conduct a rigorous quality control at all stages of milling: starting with the purchase and receipt of wheat and following the selection of different types for different wheat flours.

Every hour, day and night samples reach their laboratories from production. The production process begins with the entry of wheat from the best wheat areas. His constant control will ensure the final quality of their products.
Another fundamental reason for the same and constant quality all along the year is its storage capacity (130.000tt) almost comparable with its crushing capacity. This assures CABODI MILLS  to have the necessary wheat in  quality and quantity throughout the year.

And it is this ability which also allows to prepare meals "tailored" to please the different needs of its customers. Because Mills Cabodi understood as a philosophy of customer service business. A personalized service. This also provides its permanent technical assistance nationwide. Because all provinces know and appreciate the quality of the flour.

CABODI process quality control:

  • The trucks arrive to take turns at a specially designed parking lot.
  • To control exists pneumatic punch, one of the few in the country. Lets take a sample accurate load, truck by truck, for the best quality control.
  • The samples taken passed to laboratory where strict control is performed. It uses the latest technology to analyze ALL the raw material entering and ALL production being made.
  • Approved samples proceed to the download. The beans pass silos, where they are packaged and protected with refrigeration, which control the humidity and temperature, preventing the reproduction of living organisms.

Strict quality control

at all stages of milling