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In 1853, the French Don Sebastian Roques lies a bakery in a small village called Rojas, founding what would be then, over the years, one of the first and largest flour mills in the country, a symbol of Argentina Milling. Gradually it was convincing the local producers to plant wheat, being a true engine of progress in  Rojas. In 1872, resolves to expand its facilities in a bakery making their steam mill. In 1897, Don Sebastian Roques sells the mill to his son in law Don Juan Cabodi who, along with other partners, gives new impetus to implement reforms on the ground and attaching making noodles. 

Want disgrace that in 1922, in full swing, a raging fire devastates the property facilities flour. But it cannot obliterate the tireless and tenacious spirit of Don Juan Cabodi (senior partner of the firm) who returns to raise in the same place and before long the building and the mill, which will continue to grow with greater vigor. Equips it with the latest machinery and industry Fideera flour imported from Switzerland. In 1936, it replaced the old steam engine for modern internal combustion diesel engine of 170 horses. Also at that time, metal silos are built aerial 3600tt storage capacity. In 1948, made ​​a major expansion of the installed machinery raising to 18 games grinding cylinders, leading flour production to 1,200 bags per day.

In 1957 the company adopted its current name CABODI MILLS BROTHERS. SA and in 1977, coinciding with the celebrations of the bicentenary of the foundation of Rojas, starts the actual mill.tu texto aquí


Today, the mill is installed in a six-storey building, equipped with a pneumatic drive and has the most modern machinery for grinding. The cylinder floor is provided with fully automatic machines. The system has six sifting and purifying plansifters eight sasores grits and other machinery as finishers, plansifters 4x2, etc. Flour bagging plant consists of six to eight peaks baggers filling and bagging total capacity of 1,000 bags per hour.

Bulk flour plant: Accompanying the evolution of the bakery industry, built a plant specially designed for charging bulk flours. Its main features are the versatility in handling different qualities and a high workload capacity (60tt / h). The Plant is equipped with three MAN diesel engines with generators of 380 volts and a total of 1,650 KVA. This is the security that allows to operate with its own power generation in case of supply problems. The Central Administration, Industrial Plant and Storage Facilities found in the city of Rojas, 260 kms. northwest of the capital. Also has offices in the Federal Capital. The entire structure has been growing harmoniously productive, accompanying its growing market share, today is one of the six major mills nationwide, with a milling capacity of the order of 510/530 tt day.

Gone are the memories of the old bakery. Today, computer-controlled equipment batteries silos, electronically selection of the ideal mix for each product. The new plant of 10,000 Silos TT is one of the most modern in South America. Fully computerized and operates directly from the laboratory. St. Sofia SA, controlled carrier Cabodi Mills, has a fleet of new trucks with trailers, which together provide a transport capacity of over 500 tt and operated by personnel of the company, both drivers as downloaders who ensure efficient customer service. It also has a fleet of dump trucks to transport bulk flour. This company carries exclusively for Cabodi Molinos.